The Most Popular Kind of Jasmine Flower in the World

The shape of this flower is small, the color is mostly white, some are colored, the smell is fragrant. What is that flower? Surely still confused, but there are other characteristics, namely this flower is used as a mixture of tea.

Must have known from the flower picture above, right? Yes, jasmine flowers. But do you know what kind of the most popular jasmine flowers are grown all over the world? If not, here are the types.

Jasmine white

This type of jasmine is very much planted and has its own fans. Naturally, because this type of jasmine in addition to its tiny size also has a fragrant smell. It is therefore not surprising that the flowers are also used as a tea mixture.

White jasmine flowers have trees that grow low and tend to creep. So in breeding enough with planting method duck. White jasmine usually blooms together during the rainy season.

Jasmine Star

This one jasmine is named after its crown shape. Just look at the shape that is similar to the star that was shining. The white color is like the starlight above the night.

Especially for this type of jasmine only intended as decoration only. Sehngga not like white jasmine that can be used as a mixture of tea. Jasmine stars grow with strong stems and can grow to large.

Jasmine King

This one type is the largest type of jasmine family. The flowers can grow in large size and very full of crowns. So named as jasmine king because the crown of the many flowers.

Trees from jasmine king can grow big and dense. So it is only suitable if planted in vast land. Although the size is very large, jasmine king has a fragrant smell and beautiful colors. So it is a pity if not planted in the yard.

Japanese jasmine

Jasmine this one is also one of the favorites of the many families jasmine. Japanese jasmine has a tree that is small and flowers are almost the same size with white jasmine. But there are different from this type of jasmine. The difference lies in the color of the flowers are white with purple halves in the middle.

Although the color is beautiful and adorable, but the smell is not so appear. So very rarely people are interested in the smell than the color. In particular, this one is planted in a pot or vase. Can be placed outside or in a room that is exposed to light.

Jasmine Yellow

Jasmine this one very similar to jasmine white, it's just yellow. The smell is not so appear but the color is quite exotic. The tree is also sturdy and can grow lush.

Especially for this type of flower can be planted either in large fields or in pots or vases. So it is possible to put it anywhere according to our will. But make sure also routine to get sunlight for photosynthesis.


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