Planting Daisies Flower

Society generally underestimates the botany world. They believe that plants will grow without care. Plants will be better if treated. Especially if the plant is of high economic value, such as daisies. When moving from their natural habitat, there needs to be special handling. Daisy flowers are quite famous flowers among anthurium lovers. This interest has its own selling points in the market. Therefore, cultivating these flowers can be a workaround of our work.

Based on the genus, daisies are similar to sunflowers. Both have flower petals bloom with small tapered and harmonious traits. For the sunflower, this flower is dominated by the yellow color of both the petals and the middle. While the color of the petals of daisies vary from white, bluish, and purple. The purple color of market news is a color that is often hunted. This color combines a neatly arranged crown of flowers with stunning color brightness. Although both have similarities, but how to plant and treat daisies have different applications.

Basically, this flower is used as a variety of materials when decorating the room, or even as an additional material when stringing the flower rolls. Of course, this makes the scenery increasingly slick to be enjoyed. In addition to a variety of colors, this flower has a uniqueness, ie do not have a flowering period. Indirectly, this daisies can bloom throughout the year. From this uniqueness, daisies can be the availability of commodities unaffected by the season. Also read the previous article on how to plant sunflower. As an effort to preserve or agribusiness opportunities, how to plant and care for daisies can be done with four steps that are generally summarized below.


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