Orchid Flower Cattleya Queen Orchid

Cattleya ornamental plant is one of the types of orchids are quite popular among fans. Some of the attractiveness of this orchid, including the size of the flower is relatively large and large labeliumnya and colorful.

Cattleya orchids are widespread in the tropical regions of America from Mexico, Guatamala, Colombia, to Brazil. Most grow in mountainous areas at an altitude of 600-1,500 m above sea level (asl). The name "cattleya" is given by the name of an orchid farmer and another exotic plant, William Cattley.

Orchid Flower Cattleya Queen orchid

Initially, William Cattley received unfamiliar plant shipments from William Jackson Hooker, a botanist professor from Glasgow University who obtained the plant from William Swainson who had collected plants from Brazil in the period 1816-1818.

During his lifetime, William Cattley was born in 1787 in London and died in 1835-hired John Lindley to draw pictures of illustrations and descriptions of plants. In 1821, Lindley published one of the rare orchid books with the title Collectanea Botanica with the help of a fund from William Cattley.

On one of the pages of his book. As a tribute to William Cattleya the new orchid genus is named Cattleya. The first cattleya orchid species found were Cattleya labiata and followed by Cattleya loddigesii and Cattleya forbesii.

Until now, cattleya orchid is estimated to amount to approximately 40 species. One of them became Venezuela's national flower, the Cattleya mossiae.

Cattleya has distinctive characteristics that distinguish it from other genera. Cattleya is an epiphytic orchid. The size of the flowers vary widely, ranging from 3 cm to 23 cm. Similarly, the number of flowers varies from 11 to more than 8 per pseudobulb. The labelum or flower lips are wide and large and as well as have very attractive colors.

The plants generally bloom in the fall until early spring. In the United States, especially Hawaii, cattleya orchids are developed on a large scale and many hybrids have been produced from this orchid species.

Crossing antargenera (intergenerik) has been done and produced flowers large to mini-sized with soft colors, such as white and pink (pink) to bright colors and dark, like red, yellow, and brown.

Because of its beauty, cattleya serve as a symbol of the "orchid queen" with a fascinating appeal to those who see it.


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