How to Grow Orchid Vanda to Grow Fertile

Lots of forest overgrown with all kinds of orchids. Starting from the most widely found orchids to rare orchids including one orchid vanda. All of each orchid has its own charm. Not only that, the motifs produced on the petals make it more beautiful, ranging from all sorts of colors to the motive of spotted there.

How to Grow Orchid Vanda to Grow Fertile

Because of its beauty is what makes a lot of people to collect it, but lazy to try to plant it yourself. Because many who think that planting this orchid is difficult. That is not the wrong thing because planting orchids do require extra patience for the results obtained to be maximal.

  • Prepare media planting in the form of charcoal, fractional tile, fern, stone and wood powder. There are also types of orchids that can be planted with the land directly. So it first recognize the type of orchids that you will plant.
  • Give a special fertilizer for orchids, give in the form of a solution splashed into the leaves. Because the leaves more quickly absorb the content in the fertilizer rather than the roots. Many orchid lovers use NPK fertilizer.
  • Do watering as often as possible if the planting medium looks dry. But, do not do watering if it looks wet and damp. Avoid watering at night, as moisture levels increase at night.
  • Use transparent plastic pots, in order to know the root situation of orchids aims to keep the orchids dry
  • Lighting for this vanda orchid is slightly different from other types of orchids. If the other radiation damage only 50-60%, different from orchid vanda that requires 100% of solar radiation.
Actually an easy thing to plant and care for orchids to grow perfectly in accordance with the wishes as long as the core of the planting of fertilization, watering, and irradiation. You understand the type of orchid you plant. Then you can become a successful producer of orchids.


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