Cymbidium Orchid Plants are Cool

Of the many kinds of orchid flowers, Cymbidium is one of the most famous and well-grown in the mild climate and tropical climate. This plant originated from upland areas in Asia such as China, Thailand, Vietnam, Himalayas, India and surrounding areas. Also found growing in the mountains of the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia and Australia.

Cymbidium Orchid Plants are Cool

Due to the cool weather, Cymbidium thrives in the area of Melbourne, Australia.

Ideal for planting in flower pots by using planting media in the form of wooden fragments or coconut husks on the outside / coconut husk. If planted with ordinary soil will cause root decay because water can not quickly flow out.

Here in Melbourne, Cymbidium blooms in winter from June to August and early spring September / October. To facilitate this flowering orchid plants are encouraged to use two kinds of fertilizer. One fertilizer that has high nitrogen content is used for cymbidium orchids after flowering to help grow new shoots and fertilize the leaves. A few weeks before the plant will begin to grow its flower buds, replace the use of fertilizers high levels of phosphorus and potassium. While this summer can reach more than 35 degrees C, it is better to move the plants in a place protected from the sun.

Cymbidium orchid plants do not look interesting when not flowering, but if it is flowering will look beautiful and durable flowers if not picked, can hold up to three months. Because only flowering once a year, must be patient to wait until the flower reappears. But the duration of waiting will be converted if the flowers begin to grow and bloom.

Cymbidium orchid species is also known as 'the king of orchid flowers' and basically there are three kinds of standard size, medium and mini. The standard size, the interest can be enormous and more than 20 flowers per stem. The mini sizes are often planted with dipots that are hung because their small small flowers duck down. There are many colors, ranging from red, pink, yellow, orange, green, white, brownish and even black.

Cymbidium orchid plants that are sold are hybrids (hybrids / crosses) that is the type and color of different flowers are crossed. So much so that it is somewhat confusing and confusing to recognize the hybrid name. The standard type was originally a crosses of famous cymbidium such as giganteum, eburneum, hookerianum, lowianum, tracyanum, etc. Later on, many cross-sections are crossed again to get the desired colors, shapes and sizes that can be marketed as a new type.

Cymbidium orchid plants new crosses issued in the market each year is very expensive. This is because the seeding process is not easy by using a gelatin solution with a sterile equipment. Once the seed is ready to be planted, it will take at least five years before it can flower. Ironically, after a new crosses plant is marketed, the buyer will easily multiply the crop by dividing. One pot of Cymbidium orchids after growing to fill the pots, can easily be split and divided into two or three.


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