Amaryllis Flowers and Care

Amaryllis flower (Amaryllis sp.) Is one type of tuber plant that has beautiful flowers, so this flower plant is often used as ornamental flower plants in the yard of the house. The amaryllis flower is also known as lily. The amaryllis flower comes from tropical regions such as the Caribbean, south africa and almost all the world except the Antarctic.

The amaryllis flower has a flower that resembles a trumpet. The height of this flower can reach about 60 cm to 180 cm but some other types can grow taller. When the lilies bloom, the flowers will have a sweet smell. This Amarylis flower plants can bloom once a year at the beginning of the rainy season.

There are about 110 tribes in the Liliaceae family that spread and grow in parts of Europe, Asia to Japan, India and the Philippines.

For those of you who want to plant this flower as an ornamental plant in your house, here's how to plant flowers amaryllis in pots.

How to Plant Flowers Amaryllis In Pot

Preparation of Amaryllis Flower Seeds
The Amaryllis flower seed is usually propagated by using the tubers. After the seeds are obtained, then soak the tubers in water for several hours to stimulate the growth of tuber roots. The part that is soaked just the bottom of it.

Preparation of Planting Pot and Planting Media
The planting of amaryllis flowers can also be directly planted in pots. The size of the pot used to grow the amaryllis should not be too large because these flower plants like a narrow place. Pots that are used must also have good drainage so that when doing watering, water is not stagnant which can cause the tubers can rot. At least the size of the pot used is about 2.5 cm larger than the bulb.

Once the pot is ready, then prepare the planting media in the form of soil mixed with manure or compost. Next enter in the planting pot.

Amaryllis Flower Planting
Once everything is ready, immediately do the planting. Make a planting hole in the center of the pot and plant the tubers with position perpendicular, not too deep enough 2/3 parts only. Then solidify the media around the bulbs so as not to easily collapse.

Treatment of Amaryllis Flower
Unsaturated Amaryllis seeds should not be placed in direct sunlight. After the tubers begin to grow, do the fertilization every 2 to 3 weeks. The amaryllis plant will bloom after 7 to 10 weeks after planting.

Other treatments that need to be done are weeding on weeds or other pests in the pot. Do watering regularly every 1-2 weeks but do not let the dry planting media.


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