Papaya Leaves Health Benefits

Papaya Leaves Health Benefits is very much for our body, many products of herbal medicines made with papaya leaves with various uses to cure diseases, using this leaf is to overcome various kinds of health problems, for example to reduce menstrual pain And to remove acne on the face.

In addition to papaya leaves are beneficial to health, the fruit is also a lot of health benefits for example to smooth the skin and the seeds are used to black hair naturally.
Papaya Leaves Health Benefits

Papaya leaves taste bitter and can be beneficial for health, but many people who use papaya leaves but do not like the bitter taste. And if you want to remove the bitter taste of papaya leaves like this.

Choose one of the easiest ways:

  1. Before the poached papaya leaves in knead with salt until the kitchen out of water and wither.
  2. Boil and papaya with guava leaves with a ratio of 3:10 of papaya leaves as much as 3 pieces and 10 pieces of guava leaf.
  3. Add clay when you boil the papaya and when it is cooked then wash it clean to keep it safe for consumption.
Papaya leaves taste bitter because in papaya leaves contain compounds Alkaloids karpain.

With this content, the use of papaya leaf one of them to reduce fever, lowering high blood pressure and killing microbes that cause various diseases.

Papaya Leaves Health Benefits

Food Addiction Drugs

To overcome this problem, mix papaya leaves, warm water and salt to taste. Mash until the mixture is smooth and filter the water to drink, this way can also be used for children.

Give this appetite enhancer herb 2 - 3 days. If for children not too often, just 1/4 cup for kids.

Smooth digestion

This can be done by drinking boiled water and papaya or can also consume as a vegetable, then the problem of digestive disorders will be lost.

Eliminate Acne on face

This method can be done so that the pimples on the face disappear, Mash two pieces of papaya leaves that are old and dry, apply this herb to the face of acne. Let stand for 20 - 30 minutes and then wash your face with clean water.

Prevent Cancer

Consume papaya leaves regularly then you will be spared from cancer, white sap content in papaya leaf is an anti-cancer drug.

To crush meat

Another benefit is to make the meat more tender, the way it can be done by wrapping raw meat and with a mixture of water squeezed papaya leaves then let stand a while ago cooked according to desire.

Solve High Blood Problems

Benefits of papaya leaves to control high blood in the body. This can be done by boiling five papaya leaves with a pint of water, then take the boiled water and add the original honey or sugar sweetener. Drink while warm.

Treat Dengue Fever

For those experiencing this problem you can use papaya leaves to treat it. Mix 5 papaya leaves with ginger and brown sugar to taste, boil the mixture and drink the water until your dengue fever is healed.

Smooth breast milk

For mothers who breastfeed their children, to launch breast milk, can use papaya leaves, how to prepare 5 pieces of papaya leaves, and heat with fire until wilted and paste while warm on the breast except the nipple.

Strengthening Bones and Teeth

Eating papaya leaves regularly with vegetables can strengthen your bones and teeth. The natural content in papaya leaves is believed to make teeth and bones stronger.

Here's what I can share about Papaya Leaves Health Benefits on this occasion, thank you.

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Papaya Leaves Health Benefits

Papaya Leaves Health Benefits is very much for our body, many products of herbal medicines made with papaya leaves with various uses to ...