Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves

Avocados are known in the immoral language by the name of Persea americana, but this time I will share about Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves, avocado fruit has an oval shape with the color of green fruit, when the old avocado will turn into green. Avocado fruit is known to many health benefits, in addition to avocado leaf fruit can also be useful for health.

Green avocado leaves when the leaves are young, and will change color when it is old or withered, avocado leaves are widely used to cure some diseases, avocado leaves before being used for boiled drugs first, and often used water from decoction of avocado leaves. This is Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves.

Treating Kidney Stones
Kidney Stones is one of the diseases in the body, and can attack anyone, and this disease should not be considered could be, if the disease is not in the attention it will be a complication for the organs in our body.

Water decoction of avocado leaves in believe can cure kidney stone disease, because in avocado leaves contain Alkaloids content, this content can destroy the kidney stone, the content can also improve kidney work.

Relieves Headaches
Headaches can attack anyone and anywhere, one that causes headaches due to high blood pressure. If you want to use herbal leaves to heal a headache then can use avocado leaf stew.

This can be done by avocado leaf in the wash until clean and put in a pan of one glass of water, when it is boiling then pour as glass and add water to the full glass, and drink the water until the headache disappears.

Hypertension can be treated with herbal medicine that is drinking water boiled avocado leaves one glass in a day. This can be done by taking fresh avocado leaves and washing them thoroughly, and boiling them with water until boiling, then in the drink when it is getting cold. This problem occurs due to unhealthy lifestyle rarely exercise and smoking, so to solve this problem can keep your health.

Stomach ache
Stomachache problems occur because the food is less healthy, it is advisable to pay attention to your food and food hygiene, it could be that the food you eat less healthy and less clean then you will have abdominal pain. If you want to treat stomach ache using avocado leaves can be done this way.
  • Avocado leaves
  • White Tumeric Roots
  • Turmeric
  • Buabok
This can be done by taking all the ingredients, and peel the skinned and then put all the ingredients into the container and boil until boiling. Then you can drink it when it's cold.

Back Pain
Back pain usually occurs because of the pressure of an object, sprains and sometimes because of the wrong posture. To overcome the back pain you can set sit, sleep and stand up, because wrong in that position can cause pain, one of the back pain, the average person who suffer from back pain due to age, if back pain continuous and not overcome it will experience Totally paralyzed, one way to treat back pain that is by drinking boiled water avocado leaves.
  • Leaf avocado
  • water
Avocado leaf wash thoroughly and put in pan to boil until boiling as much as one glass, when it boils pour as glass and mixed with water until the glass is full and drink.

Respiratory Problems
Usually if you experience this problem will attack the nose, faring and followed by a fever and Experience weak conditions. Water avocado leaves can help ease and treat respiratory diseases.
  • Take a fresh avocado leaf to wash it clean
  • Water to boil leaf
This can be done by washing avocado leaves until clean and boiled with a glass of water, after boiling pour in a sumptuous size glass and mix clean water to the brim.

Menstruation is irregular
Menstruation is one of the physiological changes in the body of women who Affected by reproductive hormones, if normal menstruation comes in once a month. If this problematic will come in 2 months or or 2 times in a month. One of these problems occurs because of stress. Then the water decoction of avocado leaves is very good to overcome irregular menstrual problems.

This can be done by boiling fresh avocado leaves over medium heat, then after a cold can be taken regularly once a day.

Side Effects
To make herbs herbs required good knowledge, and clear information, herbal medicines do not cause many side effects, then when used without consistent in wrong, then there will be damage to other organs.

Many people sometimes use herbs to cure some types of diseases, but other diseases appear. If you use herbal ingredients to cure the disease then it is advisable to consult with herbalists so you know how dose is suitable for consumption.

So what can I share about Health Benefits of Avocado Leaves hopefully this is useful for you.

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