Pinguicula Gigantea

Pinguicula is a tropical plant belonging to the species of carnivorous plants with family lentibulariaceae. Usually located around Mexico. This plant flowers are usually purple, but occasionally pale blue.
Pinguicula Gigantea

Unlike other Pinguicula species, the leaves of this plant have the top and bottom sticky. The leaves have trichomes that serves to remove mucus that traps prey. Mucus also can serve to absorb nutrients from the pollen. Leaves of Pinguicala gigantea leaves are the largest of its genus.

Pinguicula gigantea or also called name flypaper Plant will catch anything that landed on their leaves and begin to digest. The upper surface is covered by digestive enzymes to make the victim sticky, to trap mosquitoes and insects, but also can absorb nutrients from the pollen.
Pinguicula Gigantea


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