Dandelion Flower Meaning

Dandelion is not grown as ornamental flowers are commonly located in the city parks that show its beauty to everyone, dandelion that lives and grows throughout the weeds away from people and thatch were always hide in the grass, but its beauty will never be covered even if the weeds has been a sunflower. Dandelion flowers included in the genus Taraxacumdari family Asteraceae.

Dandelion comes from the words dent de lion (France) which means lion fangs which originally refers to the shape of the leaves are serrated. Actually, dandelion itself refers to a plant that has a "flowers" little fly in the wind, often found in the vast expanse of the high up on steep cliffs. The flowers are not very attractive, without petals colorful, just as white as cotton. The origin of this plant is native of Europe and Asia, but has spread to every place. Known as the flower of this plant into a kind of biological clock that is regularly releasing many seeds. These seeds are the real fruit.
Dandelion Flower Meaning

Dandelion flower with small and simple stalk can grow anywhere, depending on where the seed falls. These small pieces of mild interest that will fly in the wind and spread wherever he wants, which will eventually grow into a new interest in where he fell and brought new life. Dandelions, looks very fragile, but very strong, very beautiful, and has a lot of meanings. Against the wind, flying high and the sky, and ended up somewhere to grow into a new life. But not all that lucky dandelion, some of them after "taking off", hovering lightly splitting the blue sky just landed on the arid land. In fact there are finally had to accept the fate perched on a limestone cliff high above a steep or large black volcanic rock. He also had to wait quite a bit of rain drops to touch, and her little sprouts. From it emerged shoots sprout toughness evidence earlier than most of the struggles of life that may not have time experienced by other seed that can not survive. Shoots it should also be ready to face the heat of the sun, storms and violent gusts of rain, with no parent plant beside or host plant where he took refuge.


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