Daisy Flowers Facts

Daisy Flowers is one of the common flower bouquet combined in hand. This flower does not have the charm that is as strong as roses, daisies but beauty can attract the attention of anyone who sees it. Well, did you know that there are some interesting facts from the flower known as Aster flower this. There are some interesting facts about flowers Daisy is not known by most people, even including Daisy flower enthusiasts themselves. Here are some interesting info about flowers Daisy:

Daisy Flowers Facts

  1. Daisy belonging to one type of plant families in the world. The interest is classified as species of vascular plants, which are rich in nutrients and water. This vascular plants belonging to 10% of flowering plant species growing in the earth.
  2. Daisy real name is taken from an ancient English is "Daes eag", which means "Eyes of a day" because the flowers bloom in time
  3. Daisy can be found throughout the area who are in the world, except in Antarctica.
  4. Daisy flower was first introduced by a botanist from Germany, Paul Dietrich Giseke and close friends known as the "Father of Modern Taxonomy" Swede, namely Carl Linnaeus.
  5. Daisy is actually two flowers growing into one. White petals counted as the first flower, while the center is yellow and shaped like the eye is the second flower.
  6. Daisy is a flower that represents the symbol of purity and innocence
  7. Daisy flower contains Vitamin C, making the petals are often used as a topping for
  8. Daisy is one of interest that could be extracted into medicine. Beside rich in Vitamin C, this flower also has the ability to relieve cough and indigestion.
  9. Daisy flower known as a drug to speed up treatment after surgery and relieve pain. Aster flower essence to heal wounds in humans and animals.
  10. Bees are very fond of daisies, because this flower is one of the ingredients to produce honey.
  11. This flower is a herbaceous plant species that can grow as high as 3 inches to 4 feet.
  12. Daisy flower can grow with a yellow center with white petals, white center with red petals, center brown with purple petals and dark red center with yellow petals.
  13. Daisy flowers will grow throughout the summer and assisted pollination by bees.
  14. Daisy can be grown by seed spread in the fall and bloom in the spring.
  15. This flower buds will come back at night.
  16. Aster flower type that is very popular in the world is a Gloriosa Daisy, Marguerite Daisy, Shasta Daisy, Gerber Daisy, and African Daisy.

Well, that's some interesting facts about the daisies, it turned out not only beautiful daisy flower also has some benefits for our health. So much from me, may be useful.


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