Calamansi Benefits

Calamansi (Citrus microcarpa) is a plant in the family Rutaceae, which has been developed and popular throughout southeast Asia, especially the Philippines. This plant is a cross between Citrus retifulata with Fortunella margarita. This plant-fringed low with normal height 2-4 meters, flowering compound, fruitful with shapes like small balls (about the size of table tennis ball) in green after cooking orange yellow or yellow mixed with green, the surface of the fruit skin smooth, shiny there is also a filled with specks of specks.

Calamansi Benefits

Calamansi has many benefits that is very rich in minerals and useful for the following:

1. Rich in vitamin C
2. Maintain stamina
3. Anti-oxidant
4. Improve blood circulation
5. Strengthen bones
6. Stimulates growth, especially in children

Calamansi Benefits


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