Butterfly Pea or Clitoria Ternatea

Clitoria ternatea the legume family, commonly known as the Blue Pea Flower or Butterfly Pea. Butterfly Pea is an ivy, this plant is usually found in the yard of the house, the forest edge, or periphery fields. Height up to 6 m, delicate branches, and various compound leaves.

How to grow these plants is to use its seeds. Seeds can be planted is the seed of brown / black signifying the seed is old and ready to plant, how to plant it quite stocked up on the ground or plastic polybags, these seeds start to germinate after 2-3 days planted and will grow lengthwise after 3-6 day planted. This plant grows well in hot temperatures and humid environments, and does not need special care because basically this plant is a herbaceous plant (wild).

Seeds will start out 4-6 weeks after planting. Shape sleeve seeds like peas with a length of 5-12 cm, in a single seed cartridge may contain 5-10 seeds.

Butterfly Pea has been used as traditional medicine (eyes, acne, digestion), drinks braintonic, and dyes in food. But so far their use still use the traditional way ie by boiling / watering hot water to take the extract.

Butterfly Pea allegedly efficacious as a brain tonic that is very good and useful for the eyes and throat infections, skin diseases, urinary disorders, oral thrush or ulcer and anti-venom purposes.

Butterfly Pea beans have believed hereditary efficacious for nourish hair. Butterfly Pea beans can also be shiny hair and nourish the scalp. Butterfly Pea root decoction is useful to clean the blood, dementia drugs, laxatives, diuretics and stimulants vomiting. Effects use colic (abdominal pain), whereas the effects of the decline in awareness over dose is accompanied by consciousness accompanied by anxiety and memory loss.

The leaves can be eaten as a salad, collision leaves are useful to accelerate the maturation of boils, useful as cough medicine when formulated with onion.

Blue flowers can be used for food coloring. The flowers are soaked in hot water and drunk as a tea to reduce the pain of mouth ulcers and insomnia treatment. Water immersion flowers can be used for eye drops in patients with conjunctivitis.


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