Amaryllis Care Outdoors

Ornamental plants including tubers and has a very pretty flower. The flowers are like a trumpet and has five petals that are located at the stem. When in bloom, the flowers grow very pretty and has a high growth can reach up to two feet. This plant is named Amaryllis. Amaryllis has a variety of flower colors that can spoil your eyes, like red, white, pink, salmon and orange. Not only that, there were also striped and colored mixture.

Ornamental plants originating from South Africa will bloom every spring even able to grow up to seventy-five years, provided that the patient is well. If you have planted this plant in the yard, but found that many of your favorite Amaryllis bloom even tuber also participated and shrinking, it seems, you must understand what is needed by this Amaryllis bulbs as plants, usually tend to require special attention.

Amaryllis Care Outdoors

The first time you need to consider is to monitor the temperature of the temperature. The ideal temperature required for growth amaryllis range of 20-25 ° C. To grow well, plant the bulbs should be at rest, by storing amarylis in the refrigerator at a temperature of 8-12 ° C for 6 to 8 weeks. Before chilled, you have to trim all the leaves to avoid transpiration or water changes into steam. Avoid to put the apples at the same time, because the gas that comes out of an apple will make the "sterility" tuber.

If you have finished the cooling process, you are ready to in the interest Amarylis. The first is to be prepared cropping media. There are two planting medium should be prepared, the first mixture of soil and perlite in the ratio 1: 1, with the aim that the water can flow. Second, using a mixture of cocopeat with hydroton or baked clay. If all the ingredients are ready, plant the bulbs into the pot to the limit tubers neck. Then flush the plant in order cropping media moist.

Do watering regularly to grow new leaves, roughly takes 4 to 6 weeks. In the process of watering, you do not immediately flushed at the same plant. Watering can be done slowly and volume. Furthermore, because the plant is a bit like dry media. You are able to do the watering as needed.

If you want to enjoy amarylis flower grow continuously. Set the time of planting. For example, at intervals of 2 weeks. It is intended, when one tree is not flowering, another tree already started issuing the flower stalk.


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