Types of ornamental plants for the garden

Types of ornamental plants for the garden
Know the types of flowers and leaves of ornamental plants will allow us to beautify the home garden, and therefore know the different kinds of flowers is very important to create beauty.

Having plants in the home will add charm and beauty of the house so that residents would like made. In the presence of ornamental plants will give the impression of cool, fresh beautiful and will make a healthier home environment. Imagine if the house without furnished garden or ornamental plants, then the house will seem dry and hot. For reasons of beauty, comfort and health of ornamental plants become an attractive option for homeowners.

Choosing ornamental plants is not random origin, a combination of every kind and color of plants is very important because this is where it will create a wide variety of colors that show the beauty of the elements. Designing for the beauty of the park in addition to knowing about the types of ornamental plants also need some other supporting facilities such example is an example of plant ornaments such as garden lighting, natural stone will be able to enhance the beauty of your home garden.

In the selection of ornamental plants is important to pay attention to the type of crop, if you choose plants to plants that are too large while the area of the park that you provide small, this will also affect the harmony aspect of the park. The selection of plants that too free also cause imperfections when viewed, and therefore know the type of plant species is an obligation for those who want to decorate the garden.

The following are the types of plants which you can choose to beautify your garden.

1. Ornamental plants leaf

Ornamental plants are classified into ornamental plant leaves, flowers and stems. In general, the leaves of ornamental plants do not have flowers and beauty contained in the leaves which have a strong character.

In previous posts I have discussed about the leaves of ornamental plants of mostly interest. Ok I will serve it well here. Source: Ornamental plants leaves most demanding.

Ornamental plants Anthurium

Of the many types of ornamental plants, ornamental plants anthurium is very popular. Anthurium is a type of plant family Araceae. Anthurium plants have advantages in the leaves, has a beautiful view and varied that makes this type of leaf plants have many takers. Anthurium The name comes from the Greek, meaning Exotic and exciting, of anthurium flowers are usually red and shiny, dark green foliage, anthurium flowers impressive hospitality is quite durable and beauty of these flowers can not be denied again. The philosophy that comes from plants anthurium represent beauty, good luck and protect against evil. Because the philosophy and beauty will anthurium no doubt if this flower is a flower with a fairly expensive.
Anthurium leaves of ornamental plants are plants of Anthurium crystallinum types, this plant has leaves that are very green and heart-shaped, with a soft texture on the edges can both bright silver color

Ornamental plants Aglaonema
Another popular ornamental plants are Aglaonema, although usually past trends of these plants for 2 years but Aglaonema ornamental plants still in great demand by lovers of ornamental plants. Terlbih again if there is a flower farmer who successfully combine or crossing this plant with other types that can give birth to a new variant with a leaf pattern that is diverse. Aglaonema plant or plant species that are more familiar with the term Aglaonema communities have diverse species for example Red Silver, Chocin, Miss Thailand, Param Ruay of some plant species Aglaonema, type the Pink Panther is a species that is still expensive. For other species such as the Pride of Sumatra, Donna Carmen and Lady Valentine price is already reachable by many people. Ornamental plants Aglaonema has an advantage in that its leaves to and varied.

Croton leaves of ornamental plants

Croton plant or in Latin Codiaeum variegatum meruakan very popular ornamental plants. Purine plant also known as Kroton are mostly found in the yard. This plant has leaves that vary the color red, purple, green, yellow, orange and other colors mix. The shape of the leaves of plants purine long oval and wavy. Although this plant was once dainggap worthless but now this plant has a pretty good selling point and you will find a lot of these plants in a luxury residential housing. Purines are many types of plants became the target is a kind of Red Aple, Metal, Oscar, Puring Earrings King, Puring Arjuna, Puring Asmara orange and types of purine turtles.

2. Ornamental plants flowers

Flower ornamental plants are ornamental plants that have an unique beautiful flower that is ready to captivate anyone who sees it. Ornamental plants flowers have many kinds of ornamental plants for example, roses, orchids, plumeria, chrysanthemum, jasmine, sunflower, flower paper.

Ornamental plants roses

The rose is a flower types most in demand. The rose is the flower type of shrub of the genus Rosa also became the name of this plant. Roses have many kind that usually distinguished by the color of its flowers.

The beauty of these plants are in flower, beauty will strand by strand rosebud not indisputable that this flower is often used as a gift for girlfriends, friends and companions.

Ornamental plants orchids
The orchid is a type of flowering plant that has extraordinary beauty that makes it different from other types of flowers. Orchids can be grown in areas with little coined the water, the water that comes from the interest earned rain, dew drops and water vapor in the air. Orchid plants usually live in the shade of other plants.

Some types of orchids are popular as ornamental plants include the type of Cattleya, has a large and spectacular flowers, dendrobium (the most popular type of other orchid species), including the type of Grammatophyllum scriptum Grammatophylum local name of Papua giant orchid, orchid next Oncidiu, Phalaenopsis , Spathyphyllum, ground orchids and others.


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